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Madison Metals Inc.

Accelerating Uranium Production

With seasoned management and prime Namibian mining assets, Madison metals is positioned to fast track uranium production.

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Key Highlights

About Madison Metals

Madison Metals is guided by a management team with a proven history in the uranium sector, especially in Namibia's robust mining landscape. With historical uranium resources situated just a few kilometers from renowned operating mines, Madison Metals is uniquely positioned to rapidly progress to uranium production. This strategic capability enables us to effectively meet the growing global demands for uranium.


Focused in the mining-friendly climate of Namibia, where management have already successfully navigated and operated. Our presence in this region, known for its robust legal framework and history of resource development, aligns with our growth objectives.


Madison Metals' portfolio includes historical assets with substantial potential for economic improvement, positioning us to fast-track production.


Our strategic location not only offers logistical benefits but also provides vital insights into regional mining practices and market dynamics. The proximity to Rössing bolsters our operational efficiency and reinforces the viability and potential of our projects.


With over two decades of successful mining operations in Namibia, our management's expertise underpins our strategic decisions and operational successes.


Our approach to operating capital is characterized by progressive strategies backed by industry experience, including forward sales agreements. These agreements provide us with essential capital while offering the unique opportunity to bank physical uranium prior to production, enhancing shareholder value and accelerating project timelines.

Our Project

Our Projects

Madison Metals is committed to responsible mining practices, ensuring our operations and projects align with environmental stewardship and community development.


Discover the vibrant uranium opportunities near world-class mines in a premier mining jurisdiction.

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Madison West

Venture into Madison West: Uncover the rich uranium prospects, adjacent to Namibia's Rössing Mine.

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Madison North

Delve into the potential of ML86A and EPL-8905, where advanced exploration meets strategic opportunity in Namibia's uranium heartland.

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The World's Energy Progress Hinges on New Uranium Supply

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How Madison Will Help Fill Supply Gap

With an estimated 1.6 billion tonnes of uranium needed by 2040 and the average mine producing 5 million pounds, over 600 new mines must come online to meet global demand.

At COP28, nations have committed to tripling nuclear energy capacity by 2050, spotlighting nuclear power's essential role in achieving net zero goals.

Uranium Futures Price
Madison Metals CEO

From The Desk Of The CEO

Welcome Partners & Shareholders,

We've been on quite a journey, and it's been nothing short of exceptional.

Our team has been working tirelessly to achieve quality growth in our assets, and I'm delighted to say that we've made significant strides in this direction.

We're not doing it alone; we've teamed up with the brilliant minds at SRK Consulting, a partnership that aims to unlock even more potential in our resource portfolio.

The Uranium spot market has been on a remarkable ascent, reaching a 10-year high with a staggering 46.64% increase, now standing at $83.00 per pound.

This couldn't come at a better time for us, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to drive shareholder value.

The future is bright, and I genuinely believe that we're on the cusp of something groundbreaking.

Our journey ahead is filled with opportunities, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you - our partners and shareholders - for your unwavering support.

Duane Parnham
Leadership Expertise

Management & Advisory

Our team comprises industry veterans with a deep-rooted understanding of uranium mining, financial acumen, innovation, and a commitment to ethical stewardship.

Meet Team
Wilma Rossler
Country Administration
Emmanuel Shilongo
Senior Project Manager
Donald Mckinnon Jr.
Technical Advisor
Mary Barton
Qualified Person
Ryan Thompson
Chief Strategy Officer
Eric Myung
Dr. Roger Laine
Madison Metals

Explore Investment Opportunities

Discover how Madison Metals' strategic initiatives and our management's proven success in uranium mining create a a compelling narrative for informed investment decisions.

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