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Embark on a journey with Madison Metals (CSE: GREN, OTCQB: MMTLF), where pioneering spirit meets unmatched expertise in the uranium sector. As we lead the charge towards a cleaner energy future, our strategic approach in the uranium market promises not only a sustainable world but also a compelling investment opportunity. Join us in powering a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Discover the Power of Innovation and Sustainability

Why Uranium? The Core of Clean Energy Transition

Powering a Sustainable Future

Uranium, a critical component in nuclear power generation, is witnessing a resurgence as nations seek reliable and low-carbon energy sources. Nuclear energy, with its unmatched baseload power capabilities, is essential in achieving global carbon neutrality goals. Madison Metals' focus on uranium positions it strategically within this growing sector, offering a pathway to participate in the global energy transition.

Unmatched Baseload Power

Nuclear energy, with uranium as its fuel, offers a reliable and steady power source, crucial for meeting global energy demands.

Environmental Benefits

Nuclear power is a zero-emission source. For instance, in 2010, the U.S. avoided approximately 70 million metric tons of CO2 emissions through nuclear energy, surpassing the combined reduction from other clean sources​​

Efficient Land Usage

A 1,000-megawatt nuclear facility requires just over one square mile of land, much less than wind or solar farms producing equivalent electricity​​.

Minimal Waste Production

Nuclear fuel's density leads to minimal waste, which can be reprocessed and recycled in some advanced reactor designs​​.

Global Uranium Demand

*Source: World Nuclear Association
  • By 2030, global uranium demand is projected to surge by approximately 50%, following a 40% increase from 2010 to 2020, aligning with the anticipated growth in electricity demand​​.
  • Supply-side challenges are evident. In 2020, uranium mines supplied only about 66% of the annual needs of utilities, highlighting a potential supply-demand mismatch​​.


10% of the world’s mining output is provided by Namibia’ significant uranium mines.

Strategic Projects in Uranium-Rich Namibia

Exploring Opportunities in a Premier Uranium District

At the heart of Madison Metals' operation are its key projects in Namibia, a region renowned for its significant uranium deposits. The company's exploration efforts in this area demonstrate a high potential for uranium mineralization, placing it in a region that's already an established hub for uranium mining. This strategic positioning enhances the company’s potential for growth and success in the uranium sector.

Prime Location

Namibia is a premier destination for uranium mining, offering vast reserves and a supportive mining environment

Strategic Asset Acquisitions

The region's geological landscape presents significant opportunities for discovering high-grade uranium deposits.

Potential for High Mineralization

The region's geological landscape presents significant opportunities for discovering high-grade uranium deposits.

Established Mining Infrastructure

Namibia boasts well-developed mining infrastructure, facilitating efficient exploration and production activities.

Leadership and Vision:
A Foundation for Success

Capitalizing on Extensive Experience and Proven Success

Madison Metals is propelled by a leadership team whose depth of experience and track record of success form the bedrock of the company's strategic direction. This team's expertise in the uranium market, particularly in Namibia, and their history of successful ventures provide the company with a unique edge in navigating and capitalizing on industry opportunities.

Proven Track Record

The leadership at Madison Metals has demonstrated its capability in delivering substantial returns for its investors, underscoring their expertise in the field.

In-Depth Regional Knowledge

The team's ability to identify and capitalize on strategic asset locations has been crucial in the company's growth and success in the uranium sector.

Strategic Expertise and Industry Acumen

The team's proven industry acumen, honed through years of shareholder value creation, presents a distinct investment advantage. Their strategic expertise in navigating the energy sector’s complexities ensures a forward-thinking approach to growth and market positioning.

Vision for Growth

A clear vision for growth and commitment to environmental stewardship augment the company's appeal and ensure sustainable and responsible expansion.
Madison Metal Mining Location
Duane Parnham

Duane Parnham


Madison Metals boasts a 22-year working history in Namibia, a tenure that has allowed the company to secure key exploration and mining licensed projects in this uranium-rich region​​

CEO Duane Parnham's leadership transformed Forsys Metals from a $500,000 startup to a company with a $750 million market cap, demonstrating his exceptional strategic and financial acumen​.

Nuclear energy, powered by uranium, accounts for about 10% of global electricity, with 450 operable reactors worldwide, a figure that has increased by 10% over the last decade. This underlines uranium's critical role in the global energy mix and its growing demand​​.
In 2010, nuclear energy in the U.S. alone helped avoid approximately 70 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, more than the combined reduction from all other clean sources, highlighting the significant environmental benefits of nuclear power​​.

A Responsible Choice for the Future

Aligning Investments with Clean Energy Revolution

Madison Metals is more than an investment opportunity; it's a partnership in shaping a sustainable future. By focusing on clean energy resources like uranium, the company not only contributes to global energy goals but also offers a tangible way for investors to align their portfolios with these objectives.

Commitment to Sustainable Mining Practices

Our shareholders become part of a vision that not only targets financial growth but also emphasizes ecological and social responsibility. The company's commitment to sustainable mining practices in Namibia's uranium-rich regions ensures that its operations contribute positively to the environment and local communities.

Alignment with Global Energy Trends

Investing in Madison Metals allows investors to be part of the global transition to cleaner energy sources, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Responsible Investment Option

By prioritizing environmental stewardship and sustainable practices, Madison Metals represents a conscientious choice for investors seeking to align their portfolios with sustainable and ethical resource development.

Madison Metal Mining Location

Ten Big Reasons to Invest in Madison Metals

Join Us in Powering a Cleaner Tomorrow

Discover the potential of Madison Metals in playing a crucial role in the clean energy landscape. As we continue to explore and develop our uranium projects, we invite you to consider the unique investment proposition that Madison Metals offers—a blend of innovation, strategic foresight, and alignment with a sustainable future.

Proven Track Record

Madison Metals has demonstrated success in the uranium sector as well as Namibia, showcasing our team's ability to deliver on ambitious and strategic projects.

Strategic Acquisition of Uranium Assets

A rare opportunity to invest in strategic uranium assets adjacent to operating mines within the same geological footprint, highlighting the potential for significant exploration and development.

Impressive Resource Base

Historical envelope of 17 million pounds, focusing on a near-economic 9 million pound core, provides a solid foundation for growth and value.

Enhanced Technical Reporting

Engagement of SRK to upgrade the existing historic technical report, ensuring robust and transparent communication of our project's potential.

Expansive Drill Program

Commencement of a drill program designed to expand and test our geology at depth, aiming to uncover the full potential of our assets.

Optimizing Project Economics

Drilling efforts aimed at expansion and improving the economic viability of our projects, directly benefiting our investors.

Fast-Track to Production

Developing a fast-track production scenario to capitalize on the burgeoning uranium market, ensuring timely delivery and capitalizing on market tailwinds.

Pipeline to Future Targets

Establishing a pipeline to future uranium targets, setting the stage for long-term growth and sustainability in the uranium sector.

Commitment to Sustainability

Upholding sustainable and responsible mining practices, aligning our operations with environmental stewardship and ethical standards.

Market Expansion and Opportunity

Positioned to leverage the multi-year expansion of the uranium market, supporting our projects and future growth potential.

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