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West Project

Nestled alongside the esteemed Rössing Mine.

The Madison North Project represents a strategic effort to consolidate significant uranium resources, while leveraging existing infrastructure.

Madison West


Madison West encompasses four key prospects - ML121, ML86A, EPL-8905, and EPL-8115 - this project combines extensive geological potential with strategic positioning.

Each site within the Madison West project has been chosen for its unique geological characteristics and proximity to established mining operations, such as the Rössing Uranium Mine.

The project's focus on cost-effective methods and environmental responsibility aligns with the global shift towards sustainable energy sources.
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Assets Backing Sales Contract

  • Major Ownership in Key Licenses: Madison Metals boasts an 85% undivided interest in Exclusive Prospecting Licences (EPL) 8531 and 8115, strategically located in the Erongo Uranium Province of Namibia.
  • Strategic Acquisition Initiatives: The company is on track to acquire a 90% interest in ML 86A and a 24% direct interest in Mining Licence 121, expanding its portfolio in this uranium-rich region.
  • Consolidation and Expansion Goal: Through these transactions, Madison aims to consolidate ownership of valuable land holdings, with the intention of building upon and expanding known uranium zones and exploring new ones.
  • Position in Global Uranium Market: Located in Namibia, the world’s second-highest uranium-producing country with the fifth-largest total uranium resources, these assets significantly bolster Madison Metals' position in the global uranium market.

Strategic Vision and Business Model

  • Swift-Track Approach: Emphasizes efficient, streamlined operations for rapid progress.
  • Low-Cost Production: Prioritizes cost-effective methods to enhance profitability.
  • Alignment with Clean Energy Goals: Tailors strategies to meet the demands of modern clean energy investors.
  • Regional Development: Aims to contribute positively to local communities and the broader region.
  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to environmentally sound mining operations.
  • Community Engagement: Focused on building strong, mutually beneficial local partnerships.
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Nestled in the heart of Namibia's uranium province, Madison West encompasses the ML86A, EPL-8905, and ML121 exploration sites, along with the promising EPL-8115.

The project's proximity to the city of Swakopmund and the esteemed Rössing Mine marks it as a location of high strategic and operational value in one of the world's largest uranium districts.

Statistical Insights

Global Uranium Output
Namibia's Income from Mining
Pounds of U3O8 Produced in 2021
CAGR between 2022 and 2026
Madison Metal Mining Location
Project Highlights

Exploration Prospects

ML121 Mining Licence & Potential

  • Geographical Advantage: Situated near Rössing, in a renowned uranium-producing region.
  • Size: Part of the 35 km² land package
  • Mining License Scope: Covers base and rare metals, including nuclear fuel minerals, and precious metals.
  • Geological Potential: Similarities with the Rössing deposit indicate a high potential for uranium mineralization.
  • Exploration Progress: Historical surveys have identified notable radiometric anomalies, with exploration focused on the northwest sections.
  • Drilling Initiatives: Previous exploration includes six diamond drill holes and 59 reverse circulation drill holes.
  • Future Plans: Independent review and verification of data to define an NI 43-101 compliant resource.

ML86A & EPL-8905 Exploration

  • Strategic Location: Both ML86A and EPL-8905 are strategically situated near the established Rössing Mine.
  • Geological Advantage: These sites host uranium-anomalous granites similar to those found in the Rössing deposit, indicating significant potential for uranium mineralization.
  • Exploration Synergy: The exploration strategy for both areas includes diamond and reverse circulation drilling aimed at defining an NI 43-101 compliant resource, leveraging their geological similarities to optimize exploration efforts.
  • Tactical Positioning: EPL-8905, positioned at the Khan-Rössing and/or Khan-Arandis boundaries, lies within a vital deformation corridor, enhancing its prospects for mineralization.
  • Investment Appeal: Backed by potential tolling agreements and a focus on contract mining, the exploration of these sites minimizes capital expenditure while maximizing resource development potential.
  • Ownership and Expansion Goals: Madison Metals aims to acquire a 90% interest in ML86A, as part of its strategy to consolidate key land holdings in the uranium-rich region of Namibia.
  • Comprehensive Exploration: The combined exploration of ML86A and EPL-8905 is designed to expand known uranium zones and uncover new uranium anomalies, reinforcing Madison Metals' position as a leader in sustainable uranium exploration.

EPL-8115 Exploration

  • Proximity to Established Mines: EPL-115 is located just 18 km southwest of the renowned Rössing Uranium Mine, placing it in a prime position within Namibia's uranium-rich landscape.
  • Untapped Potential: This area remains relatively under-explored, offering a unique opportunity for new discoveries in a region known for its significant uranium deposits.
  • Geological Prospects: The site features favourable geology, characterized by basement rocks intruded by leucogranites.
  • Radiometric Anomalies: Airborne surveys have revealed promising radiometric signatures, indicating potential for high-grade uranium mineralization.
  • Strategic Exploration Focus: Madison Metals aims to conduct targeted exploration activities in EPL-115, leveraging the area's geological traits to uncover potential new uranium zones.
Madison West

Key Milestones

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Madison Metal Mining Location
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